texture pack 02: 1000+ free textures

Joost Vanhoutte
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Update 9/10 All of my textures are now copyright free! You can find all of my textures on https://texture.ninja/ or download them here.

This is a pack of (non-tiling) 1032 textures for commercial use. License type CC-0

You can either download it straight from Gumroad or download the torrent. I've included a half resolution download as well. For those who don't need the full resolution. Full res download is 11.5 GB, low res is 5.4 GB.

The majority of these textures were shot with my new Nikon d750. Uncropped resolution is ~6000x4000.

I've put in a lot of effort to ensure the quality is MUCH better and more consistent than the previous pack. Sharper textures, better perspectives and calibrated colors to name a few things. I was also a lot more strict in removing undesirable textures.

If you have the means I'd appreciate any donation, even if it's $1. I'm no longer working full time so donations directly affect my ability to dedicate time to work on more texture packs and other useful products.

Rough contents: 

Wood 403 ( There was a lot of interesting wood around me)

Paint 296 ( Quite a broad category but there's some really useful textures in there)

Bark 35

Brick 48

Concrete 16

Cracks 12

Ground 32

Grunge 18

Metal 29

Signs 19

Sewer covers/misc 16

rust 19


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texture pack 02: 1000+ free textures

7 ratings
I want this!